Petrol Car vs Diesel Car

As petrol prices keep on increasing, many new car buyers are seriously looking at an option to buy a diesel car. In fact, some of the petrol car owners started selling their old petrol car and are going for a diesel car. Most of the buyers take a decision based only on the difference in the fuel price. But I feel that this decision actually depends on multiple factors.

Factors to be considered while choosing between a petrol and a diesel car

Petrol Car vs Diesel Car
Factor Petrol Car Diesel Car
Initial Cost
Fuel price
Daily Running
Economical for short runs
Economical for long runs
Waiting Period
Less waiting period
More waiting period
Available Options
In small segment, many options are available
In small segment, very few options are available
Maintenance Cost
Usually less
Usually more (depends on model too)

Few days ago, Vaibhav (a friend for mine) wanted to buy a new car but he was unable to decide whether to go for petrol or a diesel one. He was looking for a small car for which a petrol version would cost around 5 lacs and diesel version would cost 6 lacs. He also noted that his daily run would be around 20 km.

I tried to make some sense out of these numbers and quickly built a Vehicle Compare Calculator. This calculator will help you decide between any two comparable vehicles.


Petrol vs Diesel Car Inputs
Petrol vs Diesel Car Inputs


Looking at the usage, break even point will reach only after 4 years. That means, a diesel vehicle will be more affordable only after 4 years.


Petrol vs Diesel Car Graph


Are you going through similar confusion? Try our Vehicle Compare Calculator to make a more informed decision.